Jean Collins - Vocals, Keyboard, Harmonica

Originally from Pickering Ontario, Jean moved to North Bay in the early 1980’s. While in Northern Ontario she discovered country and bluegrass music with the energetic beats and story telling lyrics.

Influenced by anything from classic rock, new age to blues and jazz, her dark smokey voice works nicely with the ballads, but her real charm is singing with power. Besides singing, Jean enjoys playing the drums, keyboard and harmonica and can sometimes be heard playing her flute.

Dave Vaillancourt - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin

Dave was born and raised just outside of North Bay Ontario. Growing up listening to country and rock music, led him to learn guitar and pen some of his own songs. He has been singing and playing guitar since the early 1980's.

Although his love for music spans many genres, his natural voice lends well to country music and his rock and roll heart provides the energy.

Michael Turner - Bass and Vocals

Growing up in East London, South Africa has introduced Michael to a wide range of musical genres. He played piano at a young age and then got into playing the bass in his late teens with some friends and never looked back.

His influences from icons like Eric Clapton and Tom Petty lead him to play classic rock and blues. Besides playing the bass, he enjoys piano, harmonica and acoustic guitar. His experience playing in several great bands over the years is evident in his melodic and smooth bass lines.

Steve Lowe - Drums and Percussion

Steve started playing drums at the age of 8 while growing up in Montreal. His love for music ranges from fusion jazz, progressive rock, classic rock and more. He has played in many clubs and festivals in Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta as well as touring in the southern US.

Steve has a great sense of humor, he loves to sit back, carry the beat and enjoy the audience grooving along to the music. He anchors the band with his solid meter and always plays the perfect beat for the song.